4KBK INC is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) with the mission to create a safe and nurturing environment that encourages young artists to develop their talents, cultivate their passion, and share their voices with the world.


If it's FOR kids or BY kids, we want to celebrate it!

The 4KBK Film and Media Festival is a non-profit arts organization designed to nurture and showcase the talents of children with interest in media from all around the world. This festival is For Kids and KIDS AT HEART!


Everything in it is written and/or directed by kids ages 0-17, or written FOR kids ages 0-17.


It's our 2nd Season and boy what a year to plan a film festival. Kids are our priority, which means their welfare is our priority as well. So this year, to ensure the safety of our kids and families, the 4KBK Film and Media Festival will be held completely online. We are partnering with Xerb TV to bring you the best Film and Media festival this year! There will still be screenings, Q&A's, Awards....and more!


And with the festival being completely online, everyone will be able to watch from anywhere...you, your mom, your great Aunt Matilda, that barista that spells your name wrong every time on the cup...EVERYONE!


We love kids. We love what kids do. And we love kids who do film. So if your kid writes and directs, we want to see their stuff! Short films, music videos, unboxing videos, webseries, spoken word, TikToks...let’s see it! We are looking for content that is FOR Kids or BY Kids!



A few of our 2019 winners.

(although everyone is a winner in our book)


Charlotte McLaverty

Best Director



Kayleigh Stover

Best Actress

Lost Souls

Jaheim Kevin Stewart

4KBK Kid Star

Power Rangers: My Top Ten Favorite Morphers

Hey, hey what they say!

I enjoyed entering this festival. Wish we could have made it out to the actual event. Hoping to have another to enter next time.

Jamie Byers

Vanelle and her festival team did an awesome job. Always communicating and keeping me in the loop. They were kind , gracious and giving of their time. I will definitely be back. Congrats to you, Vanelle and your festival team.

Harold L Brown

Great event love it looking to enter again next year.

Beef Stew Radio

Entering is as easy as 1,2,3 !



Feature or short film, student film documentary, animation, tutorial, unboxing, music video, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook stories, short stories....if you create it, we probably want it!



We have teamed up with Film Freeway to make the submission process simple. You can even upload your work there.



The 4KBK Film Festival will screen online  at Xerb TV November 20 - 27th. Join our Facebook page and stay tuned for exciting announcements!.

Special thanks to our Sponsors!

Make this yours. Find out how to be a Corporate Sponsor and place your logo and link here!

Make this yours. Find out how to be a Corporate Sponsor and place your logo and link here!

Make this yours. Find out how to be a Corporate Sponsor and place your logo and link here!

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